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Here's what the critics are saying:
BROADWAY BOUND   (New Jewish Theatre, St. Louis)
Jewish Light: “Bob Barr in a terrific portrayal”

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Bob Barr as Kate’s socialist father and Ruth E. Heyman as Kate’s affluent sister make their scene together one of the most compelling in the play”

BLACK MILK  (Studio Theatre, Washington, DC)
Washington Post:  “The cast is top notch...Bob Barr as the humorous ‘Old Drunk’.”

HUMBLE BOY  (Washington Stage Guild)
Bob Mondello,
Washington City Paper:  “Bob Barr as the old gardener who is much more than he seems at first.  He builds his part from seemingly insignificant to marvelous in the revelation scene”

TARTUFFE  (Burning Coal Theatre)
News & Observer:  “Bob Barr shows remarkable restraint in not camping up the feminine as the play’s imperious mater familias.  He does so by playing the woman’s character, not her sex, and doing so with dignity and righteousness”

EINSTEIN’S DREAMS  (Burning Coal Theatre)
The Independent:  “In a particularly moving sequence... veteran actor Bob Barr invokes the end of time with singular, terrible dignity.”

ALL THE KING’S MEN  (Burning Coal Theatre) - Best Ensemble of the Year Award
”Solid performances from...Bob Barr give this world much of its authority.”
“Actors play multiple parts and include the incomparable Bob Barr as a Mexican man, a redneck and a character known as ‘Twitch’ among others.”

THIRD  (Deep Dish Theatre)
The Independent: ”Jameson is contending with hot flashes and the rapid mental deterioration of her father, whose exasperating mental lapses are endearingly played by Bob Barr” 

VISITING MR. GREEN  (Theatre in the Park)
The Spectator: “Bob Barr makes a most auspicious TIP debut as the elderly Jewish title character….Mr. Green is a crusty character, and Barr plays all his idiosyncrasies to the hilt.”  

Chapel Hill News: “Bob Barr…plays Green..with a character and understanding of the argument that is totally real.”

HENRY IV, Pts. 1 & 2  (Burning Coal Theatre)
The Independent: “Bob Barr is touching and hilarious as Justice Shallow”.

GUYS AND DOLLS  (North Carolina Theatre)
News & Observer: “Bob Barr dispenses avuncular charm as Arvide Abernethy, Sarah’s mentor at the Save-A-Soul Mission, sweetly warbling “More I Cannot Wish You”.

“Bob Barr is a hoot as Sgt. Sarah’s crusty grandfather”  Robert McDowell review

THE SUNSHINE BOYS  (Temple Theatre)
Sanford Post: “”Barr as Al, master of the long pause and the pregnant silence, matches (Willie) scene for scene.”

FRANKENSTEIN  (Temple Theatre)
Sanford Post: “Bob Barr slide(s) in and out of roles and nationalities as Victor’s fevered nightmare requires…subtle with an earthly believability”

Washington City Paper: “Among the supporting players, Bob Barr makes the snug-liest lion ever.”

ANCESTRAL VOICES  (Deep Dish Theatre)
News & Observer: “The grandparents’ parts are the best written and Bob Barr and Patsy Clarke attack them with gusto.  Barr gives Gramps a great mixture of crustiness and warmth, his rich voice a perfect evocation of the character.  He nicely lightens his tone and manner when playing Roger, his horse-riding society rival.”
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